Elevate Your Project with Our High-Performance Spacer and Leveler: Precision Tools for Flawless Alignment

Choose CLIP-IT®: The Tile Leveling System with the Signature Holes for Superior Precision.

The DE-CLIP-IT Hammer: The Essential Tool for Swift and Simple Tile Clip Removal.


Effortless Tiling with CLIP-IT®: Discover the pinnacle of tile installation with our locally-designed CLIP-IT® Tile Levelling System, proudly produced in Queensland. Our expertise of over three decades in toolmaking and injection moulding is reflected in every CLIP-IT® product, ensuring a perfect finish every time.

Precision CLIP-IT® Clips: With an integrated spacer and stress-free break system for clean lines.

User-Friendly CLIP-IT® Wedges: Broad, rounded back for ease of use, compatible with a wide range of tile materials.

Our patented products are the preferred choice for professionals. Transform your tiling today. For orders or more information, contact us or call at 0755763287.

100% Recyclable
Eco-Conscious Tiling Solutions

Every CLIP-IT® Tile Leveling Clip and Wedge is crafted from recyclable materials, supporting your commitment to the environment. Post-project, these eco-friendly products can be fully recycled, underscoring our dedication to sustainability in every tiling job.

1.5mm CLIP-IT® Tile Clips for Precision

For tiles between 6 - 12mm thick, our 1.5mm CLIP-IT® Tile Leveling Clips are the ideal choice. They provide the precision needed for a flawless finish.

Available quantities:

150-piece buckets.
500-piece cartons.
1000-piece cartons.
3000-piece cartons.

Choose the perfect pack size for your project's scale and enjoy consistently level tiles with ease.

3mm CLIP-IT® Tile Clips

Achieve professional-grade 3mm grout lines with our CLIP-IT® Tile Leveling Clips, designed for 6-12mm thick tiles. These clips ensure your grout lines are consistent and comply with Australian tiling standards.

Select from various carton sizes to match your project needs:

500 - piece cartons.
1000 - piece cartons.
3000 - piece cartons.

Opt for CLIP-IT® to meet and exceed tiling standards with every job.

1MM CLIP-IT® Tile Clips for Sleek Finishing

Our 1mm CLIP-IT® Tile Levelling Clips are expertly designed for tiles 6-12mm thick, enabling a sleek 1mm grout line. Ideal for projects that demand a fine finish.

Available pack sizes:

500-piece cartons.
1000-piece cartons.
3000-piece cartons.

Choose the quantity that suits your project and enjoy the precision that CLIP-IT® brings to every tile installation.

14-20mm CLIP-IT® Stone Clips – Optimal for Thick Materials

CLIP-IT® Stone Clips: Engineered for Precision and Durability

Our CLIP-IT® Stone Clips are specifically designed for thicker tiles and stones ranging from 14mm to 20mm. These robust clips, available in 2mm and 3mm thicknesses, ensure reliable installations on both walls and floors. The 2mm clip features a patented spacer, guaranteeing clean breaks every time.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for 14mm to 20mm thick tiles and stones
  • Available in 2mm and 3mm thicknesses for enhanced durability
  • Patented spacer for clean and precise breaks
  • Ideal for both wall and floor applications
  • Available in 1000-piece cartons

Trust CLIP-IT® for your heavy-duty tiling needs and experience superior performance and lasting durability.

CLIP-IT® Tile Leveling Wedges – Ergonomic and Reusable

Elevate your tiling with our CLIP-IT® Tile Levelling Wedges, crafted for comfort and efficiency. The ergonomic, broad, and rounded back design allows for hand-tightening, omitting the need for additional tools. Built to last, these wedges withstand impact without cracking, suitable for repeated use.

Choose from two convenient carton sizes:

250 - piece cartons.
50 - piece buckets.

For a hassle-free tiling experience, rely on CLIP-IT® Wedges for durability and ease.

CLIP-IT® Tile Pliers – Precision Installation Made Easy

Streamline your tiling with the CLIP-IT® Tile Pliers, the essential tool for accurately positioning CLIP-IT Tile Levelling Clips. These pliers are specifically tailored to assist during the installation process, ensuring a secure fit and precise alignment every time.

Opt for CLIP-IT® Tile Pliers for a seamless tiling experience from start to finish.

DE-CLIP-IT Hammer – Effortless Clip Removal

Finish your tiling projects cleanly with the DE-CLIP-IT Hammer, the ideal tool for removing CLIP-IT® Tile Levelling Clips from set tiles. It's designed for ease and efficiency, ensuring that the post-installation surface is flawless and clip-free.

Rely on the DE-CLIP-IT Hammer for the perfect concluding touch to your tiling work.

CLIP-IT® Corner Bracket – Precision for Edges

Achieve impeccably square edges on nib walls, sills, and stairs with the CLIP-IT® Corner Bracket. Engineered for precision, this bracket simplifies creating clean lines and corners in your tiling projects.

Available in a 50-piece buckets.

The CLIP-IT® Corner Bracket is your go-to for professional-grade finishing touches.

CLIP-IT® Tiling Starter Kits – Everything You Need to Begin

Kickstart your tiling project with our comprehensive CLIP-IT® Tiling Starter Kits. Each kit is curated to provide you with the essentials:

150 x 1.5mm or 3-Way CLIP-IT® Tile Clips
100 x Wedges or Mini Wedges
1 DE-CLIP-IT Hammer
1 Tile Pliers

These kits are the perfect introduction to professional tiling, supplying you with the key tools for a flawless finish.

CLIP-IT® Sleeper / Retainer Wedges – Solid Support for Retaining Walls

Enhance your concrete sleeper retaining walls with our CLIP-IT® Sleeper / Retainer Wedges, designed for seamless compatibility with H & C channel posts. Ranging from 6mm to 24mm in thickness, these wedges provide the sturdy support needed for robust retaining wall construction.

Available in 300-piece cartons.

Choose CLIP-IT® for secure and dependable retaining solutions in your construction projects.

1.5mm 4 Way CLIP-IT® Tile Clips – Quadruple Efficiency

Maximize efficiency with the 1.5mm 4 Way CLIP-IT® Tile Clip, crafted to work with tiles from 6mm to 12mm in thickness. Designed to align and level the corners of four tiles simultaneously, it streamlines the tiling process for both walls and floors.

Available in a 500-piece cartons.

Choose 4 Way CLIP-IT® Clips for speed without sacrificing precision in your next tiling project.

1.5mm CLIP-IT® Brick Bond & Herringbone Pattern Tile Clips – Pattern Perfection

Simplify complex tiling patterns with our 1.5mm CLIP-IT® Tile Clips, specially designed for brick bond and herringbone layouts. These innovative clips serve as both levellers and spacers, streamlining your process by removing the need for separate spacers.

Available in 250-piece cartons.

With CLIP-IT® Tile Clips, laying intricate tile patterns becomes quicker and more precise, ensuring professional results with ease.

3mm CLIP-IT® Brick Bond & Herringbone Pattern Tile Clips – Expert Tiling Simplified

Achieve flawless brick bond and herringbone patterns with the 3mm CLIP-IT® Tile Clips. These clips are ingeniously crafted to replace additional spacers, thereby expediting the tiling process and enhancing efficiency.

Available in 250-piece cartons.

Opt for our 3mm CLIP-IT® Tile Clips for a swift, precise laying of offset patterns, and elevate the standard of your tiling projects.

CLIP-IT® Mini Wedges for Specialized Patterns

Optimize your brick bond and herringbone tiling with CLIP-IT® Mini Wedges, tailored for tiles 70mm to 80mm wide. These compact wedges are crafted to assist with specific pattern alignments, ensuring precision with every tile.

Available in 250-piece cartons.

Incorporate CLIP-IT® Mini Wedges into your tiling toolkit for exceptional results in detailed pattern work.

CLIP-IT® 30-40mm Stone and Paver Clips – Engineered for Excellence

Designed for the most robust materials, our CLIP-IT® 30-40mm Stone and Paver Clips facilitate precise installation of thicker travertine, marble, and pavers. These 3mm thick clips incorporate a patented spacer, guaranteeing perfect alignment and separation.

Available in 500-piece cartons.

When your project demands the best, our 30-40mm clips deliver unmatched reliability and precision for your high-caliber tiling needs.

CLIP-IT® 30mm Stone and Paver Wedges – Ergonomic and Reusable

Our CLIP-IT® 30mm Stone and Paver Wedges are crafted for comfort and functionality, with a broad, rounded back that simplifies handling and eliminates the need for tightening tools. Durable and designed to resist breaking or cracking, these wedges are ideal for repeated use with 30mm travertine, marble, and pavers.

Available in cartons of 250 pieces.

Trust in CLIP-IT® for your heavy-duty tiling needs, ensuring longevity and ease with every use.

CLIP-IT® Stone and Paver Wedge Spacers – Precision Pairing

Optimize your 20-25mm stone and paver installations with CLIP-IT® Stone and Paver Wedge Spacers, expertly designed to work alongside our 30mm Stone and Paver Wedges. This combination ensures precise spacing and stability for your paving projects.

Available in 250-piece cartons.

Select CLIP-IT® Spacers for a seamless fit and superior support in your stone and paver layouts.

30mm Stone and Paver Wedge Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Align
Position the front end of the 30mm stone and paver wedge with the corresponding section of the stone and paver wedge spacer.

Step 2: Lock
Firmly press down on the rear of the wedge until it snaps securely into the spacer.

Step 3: Set
Your wedge is now correctly assembled and ready for use in your paving project.


We've experimented with various clipping systems and consistently found them to be either too complex or costly. CLIP-IT clips, however, are a game-changer—easy to use and incredibly economical. Since switching to CLIP-IT, we can't imagine going back. Their customer service is unparalleled, and I wholeheartedly recommend CLIP-IT for any and all tiling projects.

Rod Walls - Tile Corp

CLIP-IT has elevated our tiling process with their exceptional service and outstanding products. Our team has seen a remarkable difference since incorporating CLIP-IT Tile Clips and Wedges into our toolkit—they're simply a cut above the rest. We highly endorse CLIP-IT and recommend their system to tilers seeking top-quality results.

Daniel Wilson - Joint Director - Set Tiling

CLIP-IT stands out as the premier tile and stone clipping system
available today. Its streamlined design eliminates the need for
cumbersome guns, straps, or additional tools, and the clips' breaking point is ingeniously calibrated for unobtrusive grouting. We utilize CLIP-IT for both floors and walls across all projects, reaping significant savings in labor and materials. For any tile project where quality, cost-efficiency, and installation speed are crucial, I
wholeheartedly endorse CLIP-IT.

John Good - Managing Director - Guaranteed Tiling
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